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Constitution and By-Laws, Rules and Regulations

November 18, 2015

Table of Contents

1 Name and Membership 5

1.1 Name 5

1.1.1 Name and purpose 5

1.2 Membership 5

1.2.1Availability 5

1.2.2 Review 5

1.2.3 ApplicationBy New Teams 5

1.2.4 Member TeamResponsibilities 5

1.2.5 Member TeamRepresentatives 5

2 Officers and Executives 6

2.1 Officers 6

2.1.1 OfficersTerms 6

2.1.2 ElectionSchedule 6

2.1.3 ElectionVoting 6

2.1.4 OfficerVoting Quorum 6

2.1.5 Notice ofResignation 6

2.2 Executive 6

2.2.1Membership 6

2.2.2 RegularMeetings 6

2.2.3 VotingProcedure 7

2.2.4 VotingProcedure – Tie Votes 7

2.2.5 MeetingMinutes 7

3 Operations and Administration 8

3.1 BorrowingPowers 8

3.1.1Restrictions on Borrowing Powers 8

3.2 Amendments 8

3.2.1Constitutional Amendments 8

3.2.2Replacement 8

4 Financial Reporting and Auditing 9

4.1 FinancialResponsibilities 9

4.1.1 TreasurersDuties 9

4.1.2 RegularReporting 9

4.1.3 FinancialCommitments and Payments 9

4.1.4 FinancialApproval 9

4.1.5 IceCompensation Formula 9

4.2 LiabilityInsurance 9

4.2.1 GeneralLiability 9

4.2.2 Waiver andRelease 9


4.3 TeamComposition and Player Eligibility 10

4.3.1 TeamComposition 10

4.3.2 RosterDeadline 10

4.3.3 LatePenalty 10

4.4Players 10

4.4.1 VeteranRule 10

4.4.2 PlayoffEligibility – Full Time Players 10

4.4.3 PlayoffEligibility – Spare Players 10

4.4.4 SubstituteGoaltenders 10

4.4.5 AgeMinimum 11

4.4.6 RosteredPlayers 11

4.4.7 Detrimentalor Exceptional Players 11

4.4.8 Proof ofidentity 11

4.4.9Responsibility for Eligibility 11

4.4.10 Penaltyfor Playing Ineligible Players – Regular Season 11

4.4.11 Penaltyfor Playing Ineligible Players – Playoffs 11

4.4.12 Playingfor More Than One Team 11

4.4.13 ContinuedUse of Ineligible Players 11

4.4.14 InjuredGoaltender Replacement 12

5 Playing Rules 13

5.1 Teams 13

5.1.1 Definitionof a Proper Teams 13

5.2 PlayingRules 13

5.2.1 RuleBook 13

5.2.2 GoaltenderNot Ready 13

5.2.3 GoaltenderLate 13

5.3 TimeGuidelines 13

5.3.1 StopTime 13

5.3.2 RunningTime 13

5.4 Penalties 14

5.4.1 PenaltyTimes 14

5.4.2 GameEjection – Minor Penalties 14

5.4.3 GrossMisconduct 14

5.4.4 MatchPenalties 14

5.4.5 AdditionalMatch Penalties 14

5.4.6 GameMisconduct 14

5.4.7 GameMisconducts – Multiple 14

5.4.8 Fighting 14

5.4.9 Fighting –Off Ice 15

5.5 Suspensions 15

5.5.1 Suspensionsfor Minor Penalty Totals: 15

5.5.2 10 Minutemisconduct 15

5.5.3 GameMisconduct 15

5.5.4 GrossMisconduct 15

5.5.5 MajorPenalty (Except Fighting) 15

5.5.6 MajorPenalty - Fighting 15

5.5.7 MatchPenalty 15

The player isejected from the current game and receives an additional 10 gamemisconduct. See Section 5.4.4 15

5.6 Appeals andGrievances 15

5.6.1 Appeal orGrievance Committee 15

5.6.2 MattersDealt With 16

5.6.3 AppealGuidelines 16

5.6.4 AppealNotification 16

5.6.5 AppealAttendance 16

5.6.6 AppealNotification 16

5.6.7 AppealThing 16

5.6.8 RulingsFinal 16

5.6.9 DetrimentalPlayers – Warning Letter 16

5.6.10Detrimental Players - Bond 16

5.6.11Detrimental Players – League Ban 17

5.7 GameOperations 17

5.7.1 Home TeamResponsibilities 17

5.7.2 CanceledGame 17

5.7.3 CanceledGame – Fine 17

5.7.4 CanceledGame – Game Played Credit 17

5.7.5 ForfeitedGame 17

5.7.6 ForfeitedGame – Game Played Credit 17

6 Definitions 18

1 Name andMembership

1.1 Name

1.1.1 Name and purpose

The SouthCalgary Men's Hockey League, herein after referred to as SCMHL, is anassociation of member teams whose goal is to provide a structure toparticipate in the game of hockey as outlined in the Hockey CanadaRule Book. The Hockey Canada rules apply unless specifically amendedwithin this constitution.

1.2 Membership

1.2.1 Availability

Membershipis open to any team which meets league requirements and receivesexecutive approval.

1.2.2 Review

The executive has the right to reviewmember teams each season before the beginning of scheduled play.

1.2.3 Application By New Teams

Applicationsfor new member teams shall be presented to the President a minimum of30 days prior to the start of each season

1.2.4 Member TeamResponsibilities

Eachmember team is to provide ice slots (or equivalent), pay league fees,fines, and cover other league fees as determined by the executive.

1.2.5 Member TeamRepresentatives

Eachmember team is required to have a representative present at themonthly meeting. Failure to attend the monthly meeting will result ina $50.00 fine, which must be paid prior to the next meeting. If thefine is not paid by the due date, all points earned while fine isoverdue will be forfeited until payment is made.

2 Officers and Executives

2.1 Officers

Theofficers of the SCHML shall consist of the President, Vice President,Treasurer, and Secretary.

2.1.1 Officers Terms

All officers shall serve a two (2) yearterm, in respective capacities. Elections for President and Treasurershall occur during the same year and the Vice-President shall beelected in alternate years. In the case that the currentVice-President is elected to the position of President, a newVice-President will be elected for a one-year term . If at any time,an officer is derelict in his duties as determined by the SCMHLExecutive he shall be replaced as soon as reasonably possible.

2.1.2 Election Schedule

Officer elections shall be held at thelast meeting of each season.

2.1.3 Election Voting

Theofficers will be elected by majority of votes of the Executive.

2.1.4 Officer VotingQuorum

The election of Officers requiresattendance of more than two thirds (2/3) of the executive membersentitled to vote.

2.1.5 Notice of Resignation

All officers shall give sixty (60) dayswritten notice of resignation to allow suitable replacement.

2.2 Executive

2.2.1 Membership

TheExecutive shall include one representative from each member team.Each representative will hold one equal vote with all other teamrepresentatives. Persons holding the non-voting Executive positionsof Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary may also act as teamrepresentative during league meetings. The President cannot representhis own team since the President may be required to cast atie-breaking vote. (Please see definition section for ExecutiveMember and Team Representative).

2.2.2 Regular Meetings

TheExecutive will hold monthly meetings during the course of the SCMHLseason. In addition, the Executive will hold one meeting prior to thebeginning of the season, and one following the conclusion of theseason.

2.2.3 Voting Procedure

AllSCHML rulings, amendments and decisions on SCMHL and other businesswill be decided by a vote of the Executive to be carried out by meansof show of hands unless a ballot is requested by any officer,executive, or player.

2.2.4 Voting Procedure – Tie Votes

ThePresident shall make the final decision in case of tied votes. Allvotes are to be counted by the Secretary or in his absence, by thePresident.

2.2.5 Meeting Minutes

TheSecretary is responsible for recording the minutes of the executivemeetings and providing a copy of minutes to the President and eachmember of the Executive who requests a copy in a timely manner (14days or less).

3 Operations andAdministration

3.1 Borrowing Powers

3.1.1Restrictions on Borrowing Powers

The SCMHL prohibits anyplayers, executive officer, referee or other related persons fromborrowing money on behalf of the SCMHL.

3.2 Amendments

3.2.1Constitutional Amendments

The By-laws, Rules andRegulations of the SCMHL may be rescinded, altered or added to byvote of a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the attending Executive ifsuch vote is held at a general meeting attended by more that twothirds (2/3) of the members entitled to vote.


Any version of the LeagueConstitution and ByLaws (this document) will be superseded by anyversion with a more recent date and the proper authentication.

4 FinancialReporting and Auditing

4.1Financial Responsibilities

4.1.1Treasurers Duties

TheTreasurer shall maintain records of all monies received or dispersedon behalf of the SCMHL

4.1.2Regular Reporting

TheTreasurer shall report the financial status of the SCMHL to theExecutive. The Treasurer shall present a budget estimate for theupcoming season at the first league meeting of the season. TheTreasurer shall also present a final financial statement at the lastleague meeting of the season. The Treasurer will make the leaguefinancial records available to any member of the executive uponwritten request.

4.1.3Financial Commitments and Payments

Anyfinancial commitments made on behalf of the league (such as refereeand timekeeper fees) shall be copied to both the Treasurer and thePresident.

4.1.4Financial Approval

lltransactions must carry the approval of the President and theTreasurer. This approval may be represented by a valid email chain

4.1.5Ice Compensation Formula

TheLeague uses a compensation scheme for ice times that are supplied tothe league. The League intends all teams to supply an equal number ofice times to the schedule. When this is not possible, the Leaguecompensates teams that supply more than the average, and chargesteams that supply fewer. The formula for this compensation ispresented in Schedule B.

4.2Liability Insurance

4.2.1General Liability

TheSCMHL carries a Commercial General Liability Policy. This policycovers the League and the Officers and Directors for liability ofits actions.

4.2.2Waiver and Release

Allplayers are require to complete the, Amateur Athletic Waiver andRelease of Liability form. No player shall play hockey in the SCMHLuntil the Waiver is completed and returned to Presidentor Vice-President.Any player not completing the Waiver prior to play, will beconsidered ineligible

4.3Team Composition and Player Eligibility

4.3.1Team Composition

      • Each team may designate 13 full-time players and up to 9 spares and can list as many as 2 Goaltenders for a maximum of 24 players OR

      • Each team may designate 14 full-time players and up to 9 spares and can list 1 Goaltender for a maximum of 24 players

4.3.2Roster Deadline

Afinal roster is to be handed in at the meeting as determined inSchedule A. Amendments to the roster can be made up to the rosterdeadline to only the President or Vice-President. Any player playingafter roster deadline who is not on the roster is deemed ineligible.

4.3.3Late Penalty

Anyteam not submitting a roster by the roster deadline will beineligible to participate in play, and all games will be forfeiteduntil a valid roster is submitted. Additionally, the team will befined $100 per game forfeited.


4.4.1Veteran Rule

Anyplayer that has played more than 100 career games in the SCMHL beforethe start of a given season is designated as a “veteran player”and is automatically eligible for playoffs for that season. Forgoaltenders, the minimum is 50 career games.

4.4.2Playoff Eligibility – Full Time Players

Eachplayer or goaltender designated as full-time but not designated as aveteran player must play the minimum number of games as stated inAppendix A to be eligible for SCMHL playoffs

4.4.3Playoff Eligibility – Spare Players

Eachplayer or goaltender designated as a spare but not designated as aveteran player must play the minimum number of games as stated inAppendix A to be eligible for SCMHL playoffs.

4.4.4Substitute Goaltenders

Asubstitute goalie that is not on the roster can play the maximumnumber of games specified in Appendix A. If a substitute goaltenderplays more games and is not on the roster, the team must drop a spareplayer and place the goaltender on the roster and inform thePresident or Vice-President of such. The exception to this is that ateam may used a rostered goaltender from a member team any number oftimes without requiring to add the goaltender to their roster.

4.4.5Age Minimum

Playersare eligible to play only if they are 40 years of age as of the firstgame of the season. Goaltenders must be 35 years of age as of thefirst game of the season. Best efforts must be made that substitutegoaltenders are a minimum of 30 years of age. All players mustprovide proof of age by means of picture I.D. with clear photographwith their signature in ink.

4.4.6Rostered Players

Noplayer shall play for any team after the roster deadline if his nameis not on the team roster, with the exception of a replacementgoaltender

4.4.7Detrimental or Exceptional Players

Anyplayer, manager or team official deemed by the SCMHL to be extreme;to be exceptional or detrimental shall be reviewed by the SCMHL foreligibility

4.4.8Proof of identity

Eligibilityof players can be questioned at any time. A player must produce avalid photo id and provide a signature on the reverse side of thegame sheet (and include his jersey number) when asked by anothermember of the SCMHL. The team representative involved must contactthe President within 24 hours of the game or before their next game,whichever occurs first.

4.4.9Responsibility for Eligibility

Teamrepresentatives are responsible for ensuring players are eligible.Only eligible players can participate in games.

4.4.10Penalty for Playing Ineligible Players – Regular Season

Ifa team is found to have used an ineligible, suspended or illegalplayer; that team shall forfeit half of all their points up to andincluding the game involved without appeal. The only exception tothis rule is if a player continues to play after being assessed 3penalties, in which case his team forfeits the game.

4.4.11Penalty for Playing Ineligible Players – Playoffs

Ifa team is found to have used an ineligible, suspended or illegalplayer during the playoffs, that team is automatically eliminated.

4.4.12Playing for More Than One Team

Noplayer shall have his name appear or be eligible to play for morethan 1 team in the SCMHL. The exception is that teams may usedrostered goaltenders from other member teams as spare goaltenders.

4.4.13Continued Use of Ineligible Players

Whena team continues to use an ineligible, suspended or illegal player,after being informed of his status by the SCMHL Executive, and doesso with total disregard for the SCMHL regulations, their membershipin the SCMHL shall be reviewed.

4.4.14Injured Goaltender Replacement

Ifa Goalkeeper is injured during play and is unable to continue and noback up is dressed, a replacement player may be dressed as soon aspossible to play as a replacement.

5Playing Rules


5.1.1Definition of a Proper Teams

Duringthe course of play, a proper team is defined as having enough playersto continue with the game under any circumstances. Example: Assumingthat the team has a goalie, there must be at least 6 skaters so thatif there is coincidental minor (each team is still playing 5 on 5)that team can still put 5 skaters on the ice. If another coincidentalis called the team which cannot field 5 skaters must forfeit thegame. The same is true if players are ejected from the game.

5.2Playing Rules

5.2.1Rule Book

Allgames shall be conducted according to the Hockey Canada Rule Book.

5.2.2Goaltender Not Ready

Ifa goalkeeper is not ready to play at the scheduled start of the game,the officials may opt to delay the start of the game if thegoalkeeper is in attendance but just not dressed. A delay of gamepenalty may be assessed.

5.2.3Goaltender Late

Ifa goaltender is not present at the scheduled start of the game, butis expected to arrive, the clock is set to a 20 minute running timeperiod. The game will not proceed without a proper goalkeeper. If thegoalkeeper is still not ready at the end of the 20 minute runningtime, the game is forfeited by his team.


Fora player to be eligible to participate in a game, the player must befully dressed and on his teams players bench before the start of thesecond period. Players not on the bench before the start of thesecond will be considered ineligible for that game and will not getcredit for a game played.

5.3Time Guidelines

5.3.1Stop Time

Allgames should be stop time when possible. For 75 minute ice slots,each period will be 15 minutes stop time. However, if at the start ofthe third period there is less than 20 minutes left in the icecontract, the clock shall be set for 12 minutes.

5.3.2Running Time

Ifstop time is not possible, the game will be played as three 20 minuterunning time periods

5.4 Penalties

5.4.1 Penalty Times

      • Minor penalties – 2 minutes stop time / 3 minutes running time

      • Major penalties – 5 minutes stop time / 7 minutes running time

      • Misconducts – 10 minutes stop time / 12 minutes running time

5.4.2 Game Ejection – Minor Penalties

Any player, including the goalkeeper, whois assessed three penalties in one game shall be expelled from thegame immediately and is considered an illegal player.

5.4.3 Gross Misconduct

Anyplayer, including the Goalkeeper, who is assessed a Gross MisconductPenalty shall be expelled from the game immediately and willautomatically receive a two game suspension.

5.4.4 Match Penalties

Anyplayer, including the goalkeeper, who is assessed a Match Penaltyshall be expelled from the game immediately and shall be assessed, inaddition a minimum of ten (10) game suspension. He shall not playuntil the President, Executive or Grievance Committee reviews thematter. Exception – see Section 5.6 for appeal process.

5.4.5 Additional Match Penalties

Anyplayer, including the Goalkeeper, who is assessed a Second MatchPenalty shall be assessed in addition, a minimum one (1) yearsuspension with a review by the President, Executive or GrievanceCommittee.

5.4.6 Game Misconduct

A gamemisconduct penalty represents the remainder of the game in which itwas called, and one (1) additional game.

5.4.7 Game Misconducts – Multiple

Anyplayer, including the Goalkeeper, who is assessed more than one (1)Game Misconduct Penalty in the same game shall be assessed anadditional one (1) game suspension for each Game Misconduct assessedand be subject to review.

5.4.8 Fighting

Anyplayer assessed a Fight Major will receive the following suspension:

      • First offence in a season/playoff – 5 games

      • Second offence in a season/playoff – 5 games

      • Third offence in a season/playoff – Remainder of season/playoffs with automatic review.

5.4.9 Fighting – Off Ice

Anyplayer involved in a fight, serious altercation or serious incidentoff the playing surface shall be assessed a minimum ten (10) gamesuspension and shall be subject to review.

5.5 Suspensions

5.5.1 Suspensions for Minor Penalty Totals:

      • 40 minutes – 1 game suspension

      • 60 minutes – 4 game suspension

      • 80 minutes – Remainder of season including playoffs.

5.5.2 10 Minute misconduct

Theplayer will serve 10 minutes during the current game with no furthersuspension.

5.5.3 Game Misconduct

Theplayer is ejected from the current game and receives an automaticadditional one (1) game misconduct.

5.5.4 Gross Misconduct

Theplayer is ejected from the current game and receives an automaticadditional two (2) game misconduct.

5.5.5 Major Penalty (Except Fighting)

Theplayer is ejected from the current game and receives an additionalautomatic 3 game suspension.

5.5.6 Major Penalty - Fighting

The player is ejected from the currentgame and receives an additional automatic 5 game suspension.

5.5.7 Match Penalty

The player isejected from the current game and receives an additional 10 gamesuspension. See Section 5.4.4

5.6 Appeals and Grievances

5.6.1 Appeal or Grievance Committee

TheAppeal or Grievance Committee(s) shall consist of the President(unless in conflict of interest or otherwise unable to attend) plustwo (2) neutral executive members or three (3) neutral executivemembers if the President is in conflict of interest or unable toattend.

5.6.2 Matters Dealt With

Appealor Grievance Committee(s) shall hear matters relating to:

      • Appeals of suspensions resulting from Rules and Regulations. Only match penalties may be appealed.

      • Official protests

      • Violations of Rules 71 of the C.A.H.A Rule Book

5.6.3 Appeal Guidelines

All hearings conducted by the Appeal orGrievance Committee(s) shall follow guidelines as set out in theBy-Laws, Rules and Regulations. All hearings shall be conductedfairly and impartially.

5.6.4 Appeal Notification

The Appealing Representative or alternateshall be responsible for notifying all relevantparties as to the date, time and place of any hearing.

5.6.5 Appeal Attendance

All parties thereto or affected by theproceedings of a hearing shall be permitted to be present in personor represented as they see fit.

5.6.6 Appeal Notification

The President shall be notifiedimmediately of any appeal – within 24 hours of the game inwhich the incident to be appealed occurred. Written notification ofan appeal must be accompanied with a check for $75.00(payable to SCMHL), for each player involved and delivered tothe SCMHL or a League Officerbefore a hearing will occur.

5.6.7 Appeal Process

Filingof an appeal will NOT delay the suspension until a hearing isscheduled. An appeal will be heard within 7 days of the incident.Loss of the appeal will forfeit the $75.00 fee to the SCMHL and ifthe appeal is successful, the $75.00 fee will be returned.

5.6.8 Rulings Final

Allrulings of the Appeal or Grievance Committee(s) shall be final.

5.6.9 Detrimental Players – Warning Letter

Allplayers that are found to be frequently violating league rules theywill be sent a letter from the President of the SCMHL. The letterwill request that they curtail their actions immediately or the willbe required to post a bond before they will be allowed to continue toplay in the SCMHL.

5.6.10 Detrimental Players - Bond

Ifa bond is requested, the player will be required to post a $500 bond.The player will be allowed to continue to play in the league, with anautomatic review after 20 games played. The player is expected tohave not received any major penalties or misconducts, and haveaccumulated less than 40minutes of penalties during that period. If the player meets therequirements and passes a review by the league, the bond will bereturned and the player allowed to continue play.

5.6.11 Detrimental Players – League Ban

If it is determined that a playersactions are potentially serious enough for termination, the LeagueExecutive will vote to decide if the player will be ejected from theSCMHL. This action does not have to be necessarily preceded by eithera warning letter or a bond.

5.7 Game Operations

5.7.1 Home Team Responsibilities

Thehome team is responsible for supplying a score sheet, and in thecases where a league supplied timekeeper is not available, the hometeam is responsible for the timekeeping and score keeping duties.

5.7.2 Canceled Game

A gameis considered canceled a team notifies the league in advance of thegame time. The President or Vice-President are responsible fornotifying the referees, timekeeper and for making all changes to theschedule. The canceling team is responsible to notify the President48 hours prior to the scheduled game.

5.7.3 Canceled Game – Fine

The League will allocate cost for thecanceled game to the responsible team if it is determined that theteam did not make a significant effort for the game to occur. Theteam will be fined the equivalent of the fees for the timekeeper andthe referees.

5.7.4 Canceled Game – Game Played Credit

All players from the team that is notresponsible for the game being canceled will get credit for a GamePlayed. None of the players from the responsible team will receivecredit for a Game Played. For suspended players, if the player is onthe team that is not responsible for the forfeit, they will count thegame against the suspension. If the suspended player is on the teamresponsible for the forfeit, the game will not count against theplayer's suspension.

5.7.5 Forfeited Game

A game is forfeited if the game is unableto be played at the time of the game. In the case where a team cannotmeet the definition of a proper team (not enough players or nogoaltender), the game will be forfeited by that team. No fine will beimposed.

5.7.6 Forfeited Game – Game Played Credit

Players from both teams that are inattendance at the game will receive credit for a Game Played. Theplayers will be listed on the official game sheet.

6 Definitions

  • Team Manager – The person who represents a team to the league. This person is responsible for the teams adherence to league rules.

  • Team Representative – The person who represents the team at the league meeting. This person has the authority to vote on the team's behalf. This person may or may not be the Team Manager.

  • Officers – The Officers consist of the elected positions of the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary.

  • Executive – The Executive consists of the voting representatives of the member teams.

  • Exceptional Player - Any player who continually dominates or controls play or the outcome of the game. This player will be deemed permanently ineligible for the SCMHL.

  • Detrimental Player - Any player, manager or team official who continually behaves in a manner detrimental to the League, it's Executives, players, or referees shall be reviewed by the SCMHL for disciplinary action and or permanent removal from the SCMHL


ScheduleA describes key dates and configurations for the league.

Number of teams


Number of Regular Season Games


Playoff Format

A/B Divisions (division based on top and bottome 5 teams based on regular season final standings), 8 game round-robin, Best-of-3 final.

Ice time supplied per team

22 or 23 (223 total needed)

Number of games to qualify for playoffs

Full time – 18, Part time - 12, Goalies - 3

Any player that qualifies under the Veteran rule.

First Payment

September meeting - $1000

Second Payment

October meeting - $1000

Final Payment

November meeting – Balance remaining

Roster Deadline

November meeting


One per calendar month, as well as one before the start of the season and one after the end of the season.

Season Start Date

First available ice time ON or AFTER October 1



Eachteam may supply more or less than the league requirements. Teams thatrequire ice will pay an average price for each time purchased, andteams that put ice into the pool will get paid at the average pricefor each ice time.

Eachteam calculates how they compare to this number:

Ifsupplying slots to the pool – the team is entitled to thedifference based on the average cost of all ice put into the pool.

Ifgetting ice from the pool, the teams pay for the ice time neededbased on the average price of all ice put into the pool.

Inthis example, each team needs to supply 24 slots (96 total leagueslots):

TeamA has 25 ice slots and pays $300 per ice time.

TeamB has 27 ice slots and pays $325 per ice time.

TeamC has 23 ice slots and pays $300 per ice time.

TeamD has 21 ice slots and pays $315 per ice time.

Total96 ice times.

Iceinto pool:

TeamA puts in 1 ice time @ $300 (total $300).

TeamB puts in 3 ice times @ $325 (total $975).

TeamC puts no ice into the pool.

TeamD puts no ice into the pool.

Theaverage price for ice in the pool is 300+975 / 4 ice times = $318.75per ice.

Iceout of the pool:

TeamC needs 1 ice slot and pays 1 x $318.75 = $318.75

TeamD needs 3 ice slots and pays 3 x $318.75 = $956.25

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